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The Brainstorming Process Is B.S. … ?

Posted on February 1st, by Joseph Van Geffen in Journal. Comments Off on The Brainstorming Process Is B.S. … ?

There is a great article named The Brainstorming Process Is B.S. But Can We Rework It?” over at Co.Design. It focuses, mainly, on group brainstorming – the whole team around a conference table. While this is less relevant on the modern day freelancer they intelligently explain a lot of issues I’ve seen in office brainstorming.

“Group’s don’t encourage creativity because of the social pressure they bring to bear.”

I personally think they are underestimating the value of an enthusiastic individual. Social pressure is not going to limit my input. However, my place among the team might – so once again it all goes back to the leader or moderator and how they handle the input. Finally, they don’t talk about efficiency. This is probably because it is in direct opposition to criticism – which is what they are recommending more of!

Regardless, it is a good read.

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