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Tattoo designs

Posted on February 11th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design, Journal, Logos. Comments Off on Tattoo designs

Well, they say you should never get a tattoo of a person’s name. These wise empty canvas philosophers can go to hell! On the 3rd week anniversary of my daughter’s birth I got “Lila” tattoo’d on my forearm!

Obviously, I had to design it myself. It also had to match the only other tattoo I have on my other forearm.


The other tattoo is for a design shop I opened in the mid 90s. The amount of work from the word-of-mouth advertising I was getting was threatening to drown me. So I teamed up with John Hills, hired two designers, and got everyone to work. We set up agreements with multiple Advertising Agencies to do their web work. Outside that, we got a lot of interesting kiosk/touchscreen work. The tattoo is our design shop’s logo. The shop was called Element 23 since I was 23 when I started it and I wanted a strong element of creativity throughout everything we did.

Additionally, I designed a raccoon tat for my DJ friend Miah (the DJ part is important to explain the record player nub), a wedding tattoo for my gorgeous wife (commemorating the date 11-11-11, or 11-cubed), and an owl tattoo (why are owl’s so popular? I mean, besides the head thing).

Check them out!