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Weekend of unbiased rendering.

Posted on February 6th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Journal. Comments Off on Weekend of unbiased rendering.

I have done a lot of 3D work across a huge list of platforms and always enjoy those days where tweaking parameters and slaving renders out is your entire focus. This weekend I played with a bunch of new, mostly free, products!

I was initially trained on (And usually fall back on) Autodesk’s 3DSMax but I found this offer too good to ignore. Daz, in a push probably to get more people using it, released their flagship products for free! From there I had to export and try Blender’s renderer and new features.

I don’t know how long Daz will be offering their products for free, so I suggest grabbing them Now!.

The last time I ran DAZ it couldn’t compare to Poser (although their content did). Now, with Daz’s genesis models and morphs I believe it surpasses it. A large part … Read More »