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Welcome Lila Van Geffen!

Posted on June 25th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Journal. Comments Off on Welcome Lila Van Geffen!

Let me officially welcome Lila Van Geffen to the world!

Baby on the way!

Posted on March 11th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Journal. Comments Off on Baby on the way!

A flyer I made for our upcoming babyshower!

Tattoo designs

Posted on February 11th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design, Journal, Logos. Comments Off on Tattoo designs

Well, they say you should never get a tattoo of a person’s name. These wise empty canvas philosophers can go to hell! On the 3rd week anniversary of my daughter’s birth I got “Lila” tattoo’d on my forearm!

Obviously, I had to design it myself. It also had to match the only other tattoo I have on my other forearm.

The other tattoo is for a design shop I opened in the mid 90s. The amount of work from the word-of-mouth advertising I was getting was threatening to drown me. So I teamed up with John Hills, hired two designers, and got everyone to work. We set up agreements with multiple Advertising Agencies to do their web work. Outside that, we got a lot of interesting kiosk/touchscreen work. The tattoo is our design shop’s logo. The shop was called Element 23 since … Read More »