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Tifficult Logo

Posted on September 27th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design, Journal, Logos. Comments Off on Tifficult Logo

Are things somewhat too Tifficult? Then check out this logo I created for a friend’s birthday. She is well known to hate the spelling of her abrievated name. In other words “Tiff” is not allowed, so this enjoys the small visual pun of one red f!

Happy Birthday Tif!

‘Geffen’ Business Cards

Posted on September 27th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Business Cards, Design, Portfolio. Comments Off on ‘Geffen’ Business Cards

And they look GORGEOUS. Using a printing press may be expensive but it really pays off. Check ’em out!

John’s 30th Claymation Extravaganza!

Posted on July 3rd, by Joseph Van Geffen in Journal. Comments Off on John’s 30th Claymation Extravaganza!

It’s my brother’s birthday today! Congrats John, many more!

In celebration of his birthday last year I created a claymation video re-enacting one of his well known exploits. The night that he, in a drunken stupor, thought everything was the bathroom. Even with witnesses yelling at him to stop.

You can view it by clicking the screenshot above!

Originally, since I had to do a little research on how to post the video correctly as HTML5 I wanted to include a little ‘how to’ section. However, it should be noted that I opted out to simply embed vimeo in a lightbox. Soooo much less to stress out about.

2 years of Aranji

Posted on December 4th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design. Comments Off on 2 years of Aranji

It is rare that someone comes to you and asks you to do something without any rules. Aranji came to me through a random friend and asked me to do promotional art for their events. They basically said “Make it cool, have fun, come to the party!”.

For two years I got to make flyers with no real art direction boundries. They didn’t want a “club” look and wanted a more grassroots art playful style. I believe we achieved it.

In a way, this was my first real professional design job. I had been employed as a programmer and interactive designer already but I had not really received validation as an artist in my professional career (regardless of boundless self confidence ala SCAD). I would like to thank Aranji for that! Thanks!

Quit.com [RTC Marketing]

Posted on February 11th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design, Journal, Print, Websites. Comments Off on Quit.com [RTC Marketing]

An old magazine shout out I received for art directing “Quit.com”. Stop smoking! You can do it!