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The Brainstorming Process Is B.S. … ?

Posted on February 1st, by Joseph Van Geffen in Journal. Comments Off on The Brainstorming Process Is B.S. … ?

There is a great article named The Brainstorming Process Is B.S. But Can We Rework It?” over at Co.Design. It focuses, mainly, on group brainstorming – the whole team around a conference table. While this is less relevant on the modern day freelancer they intelligently explain a lot of issues I’ve seen in office brainstorming.

“Group’s don’t encourage creativity because of the social pressure they bring to bear.”

I personally think they are underestimating the value of an enthusiastic individual. Social pressure is not going to limit my input. However, my place among the team might – so once again it all goes back to the leader or moderator and how they handle the input. Finally, they don’t talk about efficiency. This is probably because it is in direct opposition to criticism – which is what they are recommending more of!

Regardless, it … Read More »

11-11-11 : I do!

Posted on February 1st, by Joseph Van Geffen in Journal. Comments Off on 11-11-11 : I do!

Photos from the Wedding
Luccckkkky. On November 11th, 2011 Louis Reilly married Joseph Van Geffen.

Wedding ‘Save The Date’ Painting

Posted on January 20th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Journal. Comments Off on Wedding ‘Save The Date’ Painting

My brother approached me to do a Save The Date Wedding Invite requesting a comic book theme. I was initially very worried about this project, as I am not an illustrator. However, I opted to paint the couple in an imaginary rescue scene and relied heavily on photoshop (and thousands of layers) to paint up the correct look and feel.

The most difficult part was their faces, as the source photo they gave me was too low resolution (And blurry!). I painstakingly added features and finally evolved into recognizable portraits.

John looks too French and Katie looks more stern than I would like. That being said, I am very happy with them and may retouch them further time allowing.

Use Sass with WordPress to easily generate custom themes!

Posted on November 8th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Development Links. Comments Off on Use Sass with WordPress to easily generate custom themes!

Ok this is amazing. While I haven’t had the need to work with Ruby much, I do love me some compass/sass. Check out a quick article on how to use sass to generate your own wordpress themes!

Wynn Netherland @ https://wynnnetherland.com/

Scion: Urban Mobility 2011

Posted on August 22nd, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design, Portfolio, Websites. Comments Off on Scion: Urban Mobility 2011

Current recently came to me to design a site for Scion’s Urban Mobility. Every year they create a community-based site to help inform, educate, and brainstorm urban transportation. This year the focus was on concepts and designs which address the world’s growing problems of urban sprawl and energy consumption. The site aims to provide information on projects helping communities with energy efficient transportation, fuel alternatives and innovative infrastructure.

However, Urban Mobility is more than just revolutionary ways of moving people; it is also a social cause that brings neighborhoods and communities together, reminding us that we are each a part of the global village.

Check out the live site here.

Mistakes were made.

Posted on August 10th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Journal. Comments Off on Mistakes were made.

It’s weird, but I can’t just delete it.

I made this goldfish for a cloisonne pin for a friend. He wanted to describe that vacant momentary confusion you feel when you go somewhere to do something, forget, and walk back across the room. Rinse, repeat.

Then I saw a llama silhouette (say that 5 times fast). And I had to see the goldfish riding him.

Take that as you will.


Google Doodle for ‘Security Test Engineering’ Team

Posted on August 10th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Brainstorming, Design, Logos, Portfolio. Comments Off on Google Doodle for ‘Security Test Engineering’ Team

I was honored to be asked to make a Google Doodle for their internal Security Test Engineering Team. Concepts ranged wildly since the target demographic was ‘hacker’ really. Fun right?

I went with a clean G with a laptop on it with the ‘Resident Hacker’ logo (think DefCon). The first ‘o’ is a magnifying glass looking for RSA encryption holes while the second ‘o’ is a lock being picked. A jumbled pile of ethernet cables make up the second ‘g’. I went with a firewall brick concept for the ‘l’ but felt it needed a fire to create a better visual pun. So the ‘e’ is on fire hopefully representing viruses and error and ‘omg why did you download that’.

It was fun and thanks again for the opportunity!

Adobe Creative Suite (PSD/AI)

4th and Forever Website

Posted on May 16th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design, Portfolio, Websites. Comments Off on 4th and Forever Website

I just finished a website for the new TV show 4th and Forever. I designed and programmed the site for Current TV (www.current.com) from start to finish. The Current team was a joy to work with. By leveraging the on-air assets available to the brand we were able to create quite a beautiful site. Since the players are real people (not characters) social media was heavily incorporated.


You can see the live site here : https://www.current.com/shows/4th-and-forever





Apple iPhone – Smudge Spoof

Posted on November 15th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Links, Video. Comments Off on Apple iPhone – Smudge Spoof

Wow, looking through old archived projects I found this little gem.

I created this as a very quick (2 or 3 hours) test of motion tracking in an early version of Adobe After Effects. What was just a learning exercise became something of a meme for a few days. I remember mainly being embarrassed (its a very rough version, lotsa jitter). I even got emails from engadget and other tech news sites asking for permission to re-post and cover this serious topic. Of course I reminded them I didn’t own the original commercial (but sure!).

Funny stuff, especially the comments. The amount of people looking for genitalia in smudges is disturbing :/ Regardless, look how old that phone looks now!

2007 BOYEEE!

Core Communications [CoreTel] Website

Posted on September 27th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design, Websites. Comments Off on Core Communications [CoreTel] Website

CLEC company based in Annapolis, MD had me create their VoIP branding website.