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Apple iPhone – Smudge Spoof

Posted on November 15th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Links, Video. Comments Off on Apple iPhone – Smudge Spoof

Wow, looking through old archived projects I found this little gem.

I created this as a very quick (2 or 3 hours) test of motion tracking in an early version of Adobe After Effects. What was just a learning exercise became something of a meme for a few days. I remember mainly being embarrassed (its a very rough version, lotsa jitter). I even got emails from engadget and other tech news sites asking for permission to re-post and cover this serious topic. Of course I reminded them I didn’t own the original commercial (but sure!).

Funny stuff, especially the comments. The amount of people looking for genitalia in smudges is disturbing :/ Regardless, look how old that phone looks now!

2007 BOYEEE!