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2 years of Aranji

Posted on December 4th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design. Comments Off on 2 years of Aranji

It is rare that someone comes to you and asks you to do something without any rules. Aranji came to me through a random friend and asked me to do promotional art for their events. They basically said “Make it cool, have fun, come to the party!”.

For two years I got to make flyers with no real art direction boundries. They didn’t want a “club” look and wanted a more grassroots art playful style. I believe we achieved it.

In a way, this was my first real professional design job. I had been employed as a programmer and interactive designer already but I had not really received validation as an artist in my professional career (regardless of boundless self confidence ala SCAD). I would like to thank Aranji for that! Thanks!