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Google Doodle for ‘Security Test Engineering’ Team

Posted on August 10th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Brainstorming, Design, Logos, Portfolio, Websites. Comments Off on Google Doodle for ‘Security Test Engineering’ Team

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I was honored to be asked to make a Google Doodle for their internal Security Test Engineering Team. Concepts ranged wildly since the target demographic was ‘hacker’ really. Fun right?

I went with a clean G with a laptop on it with the ‘Resident Hacker’ logo (think DefCon). The first ‘o’ is a magnifying glass looking for RSA encryption holes while the second ‘o’ is a lock being picked. A jumbled pile of ethernet cables make up the second ‘g’. I went with a firewall brick concept for the ‘l’ but felt it needed a fire to create a better visual pun. So the ‘e’ is on fire hopefully representing viruses and error and ‘omg why did you download that’.

It was fun and thanks again for the opportunity!

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Adobe Creative Suite (PSD/AI)

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4th and Forever Website

Posted on May 16th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design, Portfolio, Websites. Comments Off on 4th and Forever Website

I just finished a website for the new TV show 4th and Forever. I designed and programmed the site for Current TV (www.current.com) from start to finish. The Current team was a joy to work with. By leveraging the on-air assets available to the brand we were able to create quite a beautiful site. Since the players are real people (not characters) social media was heavily incorporated.


You can see the live site here : http://www.current.com/shows/4th-and-forever





‘Geffen’ Business Cards

Posted on September 27th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Business Cards, Design, Portfolio. Comments Off on ‘Geffen’ Business Cards

And they look GORGEOUS. Using a printing press may be expensive but it really pays off. Check ’em out!