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Web Performance, the Poverty Line

Posted on July 3rd, by Joseph Van Geffen in Links. Comments Off on Web Performance, the Poverty Line

The performance poverty line is the plateau at which load time ceases to matter because you’ve hit close to rock bottom in terms of business metrics. If your pages are below the performance poverty line, making them a couple of seconds faster doesn’t help your business.

Apple iPhone – Smudge Spoof

Posted on November 15th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Links, Video. Comments Off on Apple iPhone – Smudge Spoof

Wow, looking through old archived projects I found this little gem.

I created this as a very quick (2 or 3 hours) test of motion tracking in an early version of Adobe After Effects. What was just a learning exercise became something of a meme for a few days. I remember mainly being embarrassed (its a very rough version, lotsa jitter). I even got emails from engadget and other tech news sites asking for permission to re-post and cover this serious topic. Of course I reminded them I didn’t own the original commercial (but sure!).

Funny stuff, especially the comments. The amount of people looking for genitalia in smudges is disturbing :/ Regardless, look how old that phone looks now!

2007 BOYEEE!