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Google’s Govern Risk Compliance

Posted on April 26th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design, Development, Portfolio, Websites. Comments Off on Google’s Govern Risk Compliance

I was hired by Reciprocity Labs Inc. to create the initial designs and front-end for Google’s GRC* application. Once complete, the application will be an open-source offering to help global business. The development team was given permission to work outside of Google’s Kennedy style, allowing us to create a new and unique platform, but with consistently styled widgets. While the initial push didn’t incorporate how items would be viewed on non-desktop devices, I monitored and managed those elements requiring responsive design.

*GRC is the umbrella term covering an organization’s approach across these three areas. Being closely related concerns, governance, risk and compliance activities are increasingly being integrated and aligned to some extent in order to avoid conflicts, wasteful overlaps and gaps. While interpreted differently in various organizations, GRC typically encompasses activities such as corporate governance, enterprise risk management (ERM) and corporate … Read More »

Sephora : Beauty Roulette

Posted on January 23rd, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design, Development, Portfolio, Websites. Comments Off on Sephora : Beauty Roulette

An interactive roulette wheel for Sephora’s Holiday Promotion; the most successful projects are fun to play with when all the work is done!

Scion Current Covers brought to you be The New Scion IQ

Posted on March 20th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design, Portfolio, Websites. Comments Off on Scion Current Covers brought to you be The New Scion IQ

I just finished designing and programming a site for Current TV: Scion Current Covers. This replaces last year’s Urban Mobility as a conversation area for technology, science, and industry – all brought to you by The New Scion iQ! The main focus currently are the TEDTalks.

Scion: Urban Mobility 2011

Posted on August 22nd, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design, Portfolio, Websites. Comments Off on Scion: Urban Mobility 2011

Current recently came to me to design a site for Scion’s Urban Mobility. Every year they create a community-based site to help inform, educate, and brainstorm urban transportation. This year the focus was on concepts and designs which address the world’s growing problems of urban sprawl and energy consumption. The site aims to provide information on projects helping communities with energy efficient transportation, fuel alternatives and innovative infrastructure.

However, Urban Mobility is more than just revolutionary ways of moving people; it is also a social cause that brings neighborhoods and communities together, reminding us that we are each a part of the global village.

Check out the live site here.

Google Doodle for ‘Security Test Engineering’ Team

Posted on August 10th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Brainstorming, Design, Logos, Portfolio, Websites. Comments Off on Google Doodle for ‘Security Test Engineering’ Team

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I was honored to be asked to make a Google Doodle for their internal Security Test Engineering Team. Concepts ranged wildly since the target demographic was ‘hacker’ really. Fun right?

I went with a clean G with a laptop on it with the ‘Resident Hacker’ logo (think DefCon). The first ‘o’ is a magnifying glass looking for RSA encryption holes while the second ‘o’ is a lock being picked. A jumbled pile of ethernet cables make up the second ‘g’. I went with a firewall brick concept for the ‘l’ but felt it needed a fire to create a better visual pun. So the ‘e’ is on fire hopefully representing viruses and error and ‘omg why did you download that’.

It was fun and thanks again for the opportunity!

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Adobe Creative Suite (PSD/AI)

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4th and Forever Website

Posted on May 16th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design, Portfolio, Websites. Comments Off on 4th and Forever Website

I just finished a website for the new TV show 4th and Forever. I designed and programmed the site for Current TV (www.current.com) from start to finish. The Current team was a joy to work with. By leveraging the on-air assets available to the brand we were able to create quite a beautiful site. Since the players are real people (not characters) social media was heavily incorporated.


You can see the live site here : http://www.current.com/shows/4th-and-forever





Core Communications [CoreTel] Website

Posted on September 27th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design, Websites. Comments Off on Core Communications [CoreTel] Website

CLEC company based in Annapolis, MD had me create their VoIP branding website.


Quit.com [RTC Marketing]

Posted on February 11th, by Joseph Van Geffen in Design, Journal, Print, Websites. Comments Off on Quit.com [RTC Marketing]

An old magazine shout out I received for art directing “Quit.com”. Stop smoking! You can do it!